Mid Autumn Festival and Tea

Mid Autumn Festival and Tea

Mid Autumn Festival is one of the four major Chinese holidays. The full moon at the night of Mid Autumn Festival symbolizes togetherness and perfection.

It is a tradition that all the family members return to the home of the parents or the grandparents to spend the day of Mid Autumn Festival together. After dinner, everyone sits in the yard and watches the moon while having pieces of moon cake with tea. It is said that the moon appears to be the roundest on Mid Autumn Festival.  This is also the time when folktales about the people and the bunny living on the moon are told by the elders to the children.

Moon cake is a dessert that Chinese people eat only to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival. There are many flavors. The most popular ones are Red Bean Paste with Two Egg Yolks and White Lotus Paste. There are also savory ones like Chinese Ham with Nuts for people who don't like sweets.

People like to have their moon cake with tea (unsweetened and no milk) mainly for two reasons:

1. Different flavors of moon cakes are cut into pieces and shared among family and friends, and tea cleanses up your palate before you move on to the next flavor.

2. Moon cakes are extremely sweet, so it goes well with tea (again, unsweetened and no milk).

Here are some of the mooncakes and tea pairing tips from us:

"Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Anxi Ti Kuan Yin"
Ti Kuan Yin's signature orchid note resonates with the lotus seed's aroma; the smooth and elegant flavor of this tea enhances the taste of this elegant pastry just right!

"Red Bean Paste Mooncake with Spring Long Jing"
Long Jing green tea brings up a freshness after tasting the sweet red bean paste mooncake while enhancing the deep and full nutty flavor of red bean.

"Frozen Snowskin Mooncake with Cold-brew Jasmine Tea"
This cold-brew Jasmine tea brings out the taste of frozen mochi-like snowskin mooncake.

"Chinese Ham & Nuts Mooncake with Pu-Er"
This savory flavor mooncake is slightly heavy after a few bites; Pu-Er's earthy and smoky aroma with its mellow taste perfectly soothes the fattiness of the mooncake.

Bon Appetit!