2021 Spring Sensation Oolong Tea

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Ten Ren's Spring Sensation Oolong is classified as a light fermented Oolong Tea, one of the best tea from Taiwan. Consisting of carefully chosen spring sprout teas. Produced by experienced and skillful tea masters, this tea releases a sweet and fruitful aroma when brewed. This tea encloses special qualities of winter fragrance and early spring sensation. It embraces a bright golden tea color and leaves a long-lasting smooth mellow taste.

Smooth and sweet long-lasting aftertaste with aromas of the fresh forest breeze, orchids, pear, and a touch of milky and nutty

  • Tea color : Bright golden
  • Fermentation : 30% ~ 35%
  • Roasted level : Light
  • Origin : Taiwan
  • Harvest season : Spring
  • Net weight : 10.6 oz
  • Dimension : 6.89" x 4.33" x 3.74"



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