2024 Winter Oolong Tea (1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade)

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Introducing Ten Ren's Winter Tea, a remarkable Green Oolong carefully curated from the latest winter harvest and handpicked by Ten Ren's tea connoisseurs as the pinnacle of this year's Winter Tea collection. Winter is renowned for producing exceptional Oolong teas, and we present this exclusive variety once a year, available in limited quantities.

As you steep this tea, witness the infusion revealing a brilliant, sunny yellow hue, accompanied by a delicate and refreshing floral fragrance. The taste is a delightful symphony of fresh and floral notes, enriched by subtle hints of sweetness, culminating in a gentle and lingering sweetness on the palate. Experience the essence of winter in every cup of Ten Ren's Winter Tea.

1st Grade - Net Wt. 300g

2nd Grade - Net Wt. 300g

3rd Grade - Net Wt. 600g

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