About Us

From a Small Town Comes a Big Dream 


In 1953, a little tea shop opened up to its first customers in a small town in Southern Taiwan named GangShan. Carrying a deep conviction of always providing the best service and tea, the little tea shop soon prospered. Eight years later, in order to share its tea with an even wider audience, the little tea shop moved to Tainan, the busiest trading city in Taiwan. It was in Tainan where the shop changed its name to what it is today, Ten Ren.

As the home of some of the finest tea in the world, Taiwan has the perfect weather for growing tea. Ten Ren has worked with local Taiwanese farmers to select and process high quality tea leaves since its earliest days. When China opened up its gates to the rest of the world during the 80s, Ten Ren expanded its selection even further to include tea from farms in China.

Now, as a recognized leader of tea in Asia, Ten Ren has an extensive selection of teas. With over 200 tea shops opened worldwide, Ten Ren's dream of sharing its high quality tea has only begun. In 2006, Ten Ren opened its Ten Ren Tea Culture Museum in Taiwan. Through its exhibition of tea history, Ten Ren wishes to preserve tea culture for the generations to come.

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