Elegant Tea Appreciation Gift Box

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This set is a tribute to the artistry of tea and poetry, embodying the essence of a cup with a flower, and the unity of poetry and painting.

Inspired by the "Kangxi Five-Colored Twelve Flower Pattern Cups" from the Qing Dynasty, our set features uniquely designed cups including the "Flower Cup," "Square Cup," and "Sunflower Mouth Cup," paired with three of TenRen's finest teas. It's a daily reminder of beauty and the delightful ritual of tea drinking.

Aged Oolong - With years of careful aging, this tea offers a timeless, mellow flavor. Its roast fruit aroma and the distinctive rich layers only found in aged tea make every sip a journey through time.

Tung Ting Oolong -  name after the famous Tung Ting tea region, these tightly rolled tea leaves release a gentle fragrance. The brewed tea glows golden and is refreshingly palatable.

Alishan Oolong - Grown in the favorable climate of the Alishan tea region, this tea has soft leaves and a subtle fragrance. The tea presents a honey-green hue, clear and bright, and is known for its resilience in brewing.


Net Wt. 450g (150g x 3)

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