King's Ten Li Oolong Tea

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Discover the exquisite high mountain treasure of Taiwan with our Ten Li Oolong Tea. Cultivated in the revered Pear Mountain (Li Shan) region, this tea is a testament to the art of fine tea-making.

Elevated Elegance:

  • Altitude Advantage: Grown at 1,800 meters, our tea benefits from the unique climatic conditions of high altitudes, infusing each leaf with complex and nuanced flavors.
  • Spring Harvest: Experience the freshness and vitality of our spring harvest, embodying the essence of Li Shan's pristine natural beauty.

Flavor Symphony:

  • Floral and Fruity: Immerse yourself in the enchanting floral aroma, intertwined with delightful notes of sweet peach and citrus blossoms.
  • Smooth and Rich: Savor the velvety texture that gracefully dances across your palate, leaving a lingering, sweet finish.


Net Wt. 150g

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