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Shui Xian is an Oolong tea that has a flowery aroma and is very flavorful. It originates from Wuyi mountain, FuJian Province China. This mountain is one of the more famous mountain for producing great quality Oolong tea. This tea is cultivated by every single tea farmer in that mountain and is widely drank among Chinese restaurants all over the world.
Shui Xian is time honoured classic in Oolong tea and a favourite among Gong Fu tea drinkers. Also found under the name “Shui Hsien”, meaning narcissus or water sprite, or “Yan Cha”, meaning rock tea, due to the rocky terrain where the tea plants grown. Whatever the preferred name, Shui Xian originates from the high mountains of Wu Yi Shan, and is a recognized type of high quality Oolong tea. Shui Xian from Wu Yi Shan is also said to have higher minerals contents compared to those grown in southern Fujian and Guangdong.
This organic Wuyi oolong exhibits the traditional dark curly tea leaves and has a smooth, rich body with a classic roasted aroma and sweet finish, accented by sweet notes of raisin sugar, honeysuckle and roasted barley. Some say it exudes notes of dark chocolate


Net Wt. 102g (25.5g x 4)

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