2024 Ti Kwan Yin ( Tie Guan Yin )

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Premium Ti Kwan Yin 

Ti Kwan Yin Tea, sometimes also written as Tie Guan Yin or Iron Goddess Oolong Tea, is a premium variety of Chine1e Oolong tea originated in the 19th century in Anxi in Fujian province. 
Ti Kwan Yin tea is a slightly fermented tea, that sits between highly fermented black teas and unfermented green and white teas. This allows it to combine the best of both worlds – the great floral taste and aroma of black teas with all the health benefits of green and white teas.
During production it is hand rolled into small, compact leaf balls. This is where it gets it’s name – Tie guan yin means “iron” in Chinese, because when you drop the tea into a pot or cup it pings just an small iron ball when it hits the bottom.
Net Wt. 100g

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